1.Definition of Personal Information

“Personal information” means information on a living person, which enables identification of a particular person based on the name, birth date and other descriptions contained in the information and allows easy comparison with other information, thereby leading to identification of a particular person.

2.Collection of Personal Information

A.D.S.R. may collect the personal information of a customer when receiving an inquiry about goods from the customer.
In collecting personal information, A.D.S.R. uses a lawful and fair means while clearly stating the purpose of using the information.
Personal information to be collected on this website includes the following:

Name and its reading in kana
Phone number
E-mail address

Information that enables identification of a particular person by combining the above

3.Use of Personal Information

A.D.S.R. uses personal information offered by a customer for the following purpose:

To reply to inquiries from the customer

4.Management of Personal Information

This website manages personal information under the following system:
Personal information can only be used by those who require the information for their duties, and any contents containing personal information are put under thorough control.
However, there are cases where certain personal information is provided to outside contractors in performing a duty such as supplying goods and services to customers.
In those cases, personal information is managed so that it will be properly handled by the outside contractors.
Personal information no longer needed is deleted from time to time.

5.Disclosure of Personal Information

A.D.S.R. does not disclose any personal information of a customer to a third party without the prior consent of the customer.
However, this does not apply to the following cases:
When requested by a government agency, a law court, a public prosecutor, the police, a bar association, a consumer affairs center or any institution with relevant authority;
When specifically stipulated in a law (or an ordinance); or
When there is a need to protect or defend our rights, assets or services against an act violating a law (or an ordinance) or our terms of use or precautions, and it is impossible to obtain the prior consent of the customer.

Note that outsourcing an operation necessary in transacting with a customer, such as entrusting the delivery of ordered goods to a shipping company, is not a case of provision to a third party.


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